How inconvenient is your cat? Or is parting just too painful?

A 2016 survey of pet owners in the USA indicated that pet owning was problematic to 80% of cat owners (and 75% of dog owners). Quite high numbers – and the reasons given seem to relate to convenience factors. Cleaning up, damage to furniture, shedding and odour were the big problems. Really? Like those things aren’t a problem in any relationship? But the biggest problem was the sadness of losing their pet – that’s a real accolade to the depth and value of the pet – owner relationship.

So much so that in the second part of the survey, pet owners indicated that it took 30% of people more than a year to get a new furry friend. While getting a pet ‘on the rebound’ may seem to disrespect the pet who has departed, Dr Kim has observed that for a significant number of owners, the emptiness of a house without the heartbeat of a feline (or canine) friend means the house just isn’t a such a heartwarming home to return to.

And a big consideration as far as Dr Kim and the staff at the Palace are concerned – is that a good home may go cat-less, for a longer or shorter period, while there is a feline friend waiting in the wings for the opportunity to shed their hair, share their purr and their affection on their own ‘purr-son’. 27% of cat owners got their younger pet while their old one was around to train them. Here’s a recent study indicating how long various breeds and moguls live (in the UK at least)

When would you fit a new feline friend into your life? Dr Kim can help talk you through transitions.