Why do Cats still baffle us?

Dr Kim Kendall BVSc MANZCVS (cat medicine and animal behaviour)

Why do people keep pets?

Pet keeping in general is a bit baffling. Philosophers, ethicists, zoologists, anthropologists all wonder why people keep pets at all. But they do, even in poor farming and hunter-gatherer societies. Apparently, humans have an over-active nurturing gene along with our empathy gene. Interestingly, there are numerus recorded cases of individuals of non-human species raising an orphan of a completely different species, and there are many interspecies friends on the internet. If you are tired of watching cats on the […]

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90% of cats over 10 years old (that’s 56 human years) have Xray evidence of Degenerative Joint Disease – that’s painful joints and difficulty moving. And the kicker is that up to 30% of cats aged only 3 (that’s only 28 human years!) have signs of arthritis Check out this checklist:  Dr Kim strongly supports the concept of Cat Comfort Coming FURR-st.   The simplest – stairs or chairs halfway up to jump on, heat pads  (electric and wheat packs are great) and igloos for warmth. Have a look at the comfort of […]
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By Supporting The Cat Palace you’ve achieved an Australian First!

Dear Dr Kendall and all at the Cat Palace We are delighted to announce that you have helped to achieve an Australian first! Following extensive negotiations with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), we now have a permit to desex and return unowned cats to their outside homes. This is the first time a state government has issued a permit like this. We are grateful to DAF for providing a permit for this ground-breaking research in Australia. And to you, for helping to secure this wonderful outcome that is crucial to our community cat program research. Essential […]
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Climate Change – Why wash a Cat?

Climate Change is affecting even our feline friends! Much as they love a warm spot, the humidity, dust and pollen have resulted in a lot of cats getting very sticky, dirty coats.

Cats only have little tongues to clean themselves with, resulting in sore mouths and sneezing when they try to clean themselves, so a lot of them will need some help from you. Nowhere is hermetically sealed, so even indoor cats are exposed to the outside pollutants and aerosol debris. Plus the EPA even reckons that the stuff indoors is worse than outdoors, and the […]
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Dr Kim is being informed on a regular basis about current risks of cat ownership in the COVID-19 pandemic.   In a nutshell: KEEP YOUR CAT – it is better to be SANE in self-isolation with your feline friend than induce an unnecessary and deeply distressing total aloneness. JUST WASH YOUR HANDS ( especially BEFORE EATING ANYTHING)! And don’t eat anything made from bats or pangolins. Cats are (pretty definitely) not part of the problem.

For those who are worried about their cats and want more information about the risks to their pets and themselves from COVID-19 – there is an article […]

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