All grooming is carried out by staff who have washed, clipped and dried thousands of cats. To us, it isn’t just a job. Cats need to be happy and healthy, so if we can do our bit to help, it makes the occasional nip or scratch worthwhile!

HEALTH CHECK – ALL cats get a free weight check, Body Condition Score (to check for thinness or obesity), arthritis check (pain management is important) and dental check when they come for a groom.  This is a free service at the Cat Palace to help your cat be comfortable is themselves.  If your cat requires a sedation, then Dr Kim Kendall does the full health check prior to administering any sedative.


The washing price depends on the weight of your cat, the density of the coat and the whether an assistant in needed. Washing is highly recommended for the comfort of your cat especially if their coat has been knotted for a while.

Standard / Short Haired Wash and Blow-dry (under 6 kg) – $135

Long Haired / Large Cat ( over 6.0 kg) / Dense Coated Wash and Blow-dry $149

EXTRA’S – Anivac Oxywash (for that deep clean and ‘plush coat’ effect) – $27.50

Chubb Organic Soap (extra silky feel and good for the environment!) – NOW COMPLIMENTRY
Flea Control – 4 week $25, 3 month $67,  Capstar rapid knockdown $12.50

Nail clipping is included FREE with all Washing


Nail Clipping only: $49

Nail Clipping and Nail Caps fitted (includes a spare set of nail caps): $59


The cost of a coat clip is dependent on the state of the coat on arrival and the time it takes to complete, and so the following prices are a guide only, although the average price will cover the majority of grooms.

Lion clip: (Average 20 minute charged by time) WITH WASH – $225 (incl. Nail Clip)

Lion clip: (Average 20 minute charged by time) NO WASH & No Nails – $160 (nails extra $29)

Lamb clip: (Average 20 minute charged by time) WITH WASH – $240 (incl. Nail Clip)

Lamb clip: (Average 20 minute charged by time) NO WASH & No Nails – $160 (nails extra $29)

Flea Special – $145 (incl Capstar instant flea knockdown treatment, wash and blow-dry. Also includes 4 week Spot-on or Comfortis 4 weekly flea control)

Flea Special Over 6kg or long haired– $165 (incl. Capstar flea treatment, wash and blow-dry. Also includes 4 week Spot-on).

EXTRA’S for Flea Special – Bravecto chew or Spot on or Bravecto Plus Spot On costs extra $50 (lasts 3 months)


Sedation (for cat comfort and groomer safety) – $125. Large cat over 6kg or extra sedation needed $190 / pain relief required $45 – $95 (always administered by veterinarian)
Full Health Check / Vaccination (certificate will be supplied) / Senior Health Check by veterinarian Vaccination by Feline Nurse for boarding cats (certificate will be supplied) / Dental check / Body Condition Score (by vet or nurse)

Flea Control – Capstar dose required if fleas are found, can apply other flea products as requested or purchased