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If you find your preferred grooming date is booked out – please phone 9417 3329 or email us at info@thecatpalace.com.au as our friendly staff can often find you a special time that suits you.




Cat grooming is usually an issue for your cat and, whilst cats, for the most part, are quite capable of grooming themselves, there are times when a helping hand may be required. Also as our demand for certain breeds, and hybrids has increased, so we see more and more long haired cats in breed-ownership statistics. With an increasingly busy – and dirty- environment, especially for outdoor cats, so problems with coat conditions are also on the increase. Also, because better care means cats are living longer, they now routinely outlive the point where arthritis or other medical problems may hinder a cat’s ability to self-groom. This is where the expert cat grooming that we provide at The Cat Palace comes in.



Many cats are now reacting to the airborne particles landing on their skin and making them ITCH intolerably. The condition is called atopy, and is similar to the eczema of children and adults. If you have the genetics, you will get the itch. Aside from that, many of the longhaired cats – Ragdolls and persians – are finding it harder to keep their coats clean, as the more they lick, the more the pollens, moulds and diesel stick to their coats, making them daggy and knotty. Regular grooming is the key – and the Feline Fine grooming service every Saturday helps cats go home feline divine

Of course, cats who are uncomfortable get washed at other times, but one of the features of the Saturday service is that your cat will get the full wash and blow dry attention of a Kitty Day Spa! ‘Clawdicures’ and Clipping – both Lamb Clips and Lion Clips – are increasingly popular for home hair management!

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Won’t Cause Drowsiness

The clips can be done without sedation most of the time – a pretty unique service here in Sydney where many groomers routinely sedate their clients (the cats, not the owners!) – but Dr Kim is available for the scardey cats and the very matted ones who need to be sedated for their comfort and safety, to prevent clipper nicks. Usually, though, the expert way in which we handle even the tetchiest of felines means we can get through the groom with minimal fuss and very little stress for either party!

Only if we feel there is a risk of injury would we consider sedating the cat, and we will talk to you about this before we do anything.

Most cats tolerate and then enjoy the Anivac Pure Oxygen wash they get. It pulls the dirt out of your cat’s coat right down to the skin. Some of the stuff that comes off is really yukky – no wonder the cats are having trouble keeping clean!

The Pure Oxygen shampoo also conditions the skin and removes any yeast infection (called Malassezia – and the equivalent of our dandruff!).

After any initial nervousness from new noises and smells, most cats appreciate the warm massage effect they get from the Anivac, and rather enjoy it!

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Shedding the extra cat fur means knots and tangles for some of our feline friends. Your cat’s little tongue has to do a lot of work to keep all that fur manageable! A warm, massaging wash at the Kitty Day Spa may be just what she needs! From Himalayan and Persian Princesses, Royal Ragdolls and Birmans, Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats through to longhaired moggies, unkempt kitties and even some Rexes, our crew can help keep feline skin clean and itch-free, eliminate the flea burden and send your cat home the complete Glamour Puss!


You could, but here are some reasons why it’s usually better to let the experts do it for you –
  • Cats curl up and hide when they sense things aren’t in the realms of their own “normal”, and it can take some effort to avoid being bitten or scratched by a defensive cat. Our grooming staff have the experience to deal with such situations, so let them take the sting. Literally!
  • Some cats love water, some don’t. If yours doesn’t, no coaxing on earth will convince it that it’s a good thing you’re doing. Again, our staff know how to cope with this, and are experts in getting even the most wary feline to cooperate.
  • Cats have more fur than you could ever imagine. Think about how much fur gets on your furniture or clothes every day, and then think about washing and drying every single one of the hairs still attached to your cat’s body.
  • Cats are not dogs. Most dogs will stand there and be washed and dried without an issue. The second you set up for a washing session, the cat will be looking for an escape route.
  • When you’ve finished washing the cat, the amount of hair and water covering your recently pristine bathroom will be enough to make you wonder why you ever thought a DIY wash was a good idea.
  • You know those claws which tear through your furniture and clothes effortlessly? Consider clipping them without a team of men in riot gear ready to help out.
  • You don’t need to be the “bad” guys. Let us carry that burden.
The amount of time it takes for cat grooming varies by length of hair, knottiness, excess fur (defluffing) and other services such as flea control, but you can usually plan on it taking up to four hours. The order of grooming can sometimes be changed to accommodate specific pick up requirements, but in general we recommend dropping off in the morning and collecting your cat in the afternoon. Minor services, such as nail trims, take about 15 minutes and can be booked any time we are open.
YES PLEASE! It is always best to phone first on 02 9417 3329 or book online so we can be ready for you! Making an appointment for grooming your cat ahead of time ensures that you (and, more importantly, your cat) aren’t kept waiting any longer than necessary. We can try to organise the order in which the cats are groomed in, so if you have a particular pick up time requirement please tell us at booking or drop off. Each cat is clipped, washed and blow-dried individually, so it is hard to predict an accurate timeline. In general, we like the cats dropped off early in the morning, with a range of pick up times through the rest of the day. The Feline Fabulous Groomer only works on Saturdays, and it tends to be especially busy, so book early for Saturday appointments, especially during the ‘hair seasons’ of April and October! We do have other groomers working on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays most of the year, so you can get your cat clipped and washed as soon as her hair gets out of control! highly recommended, especially during the ‘hair seasons’ of April and October!
No, not usually. Cats actually quite like their own carriers once they have left home! Being the smart creatures they are, your cats realise that the carrier is part of the vet’s or Groomer’s when it is in your living room, but becomes part of their home once away! Your cat will, generally, stay in their carrier happily till their turn for grooming comes, and then they will be put back in it as soon as practicable. That way, your feline friend can pretend she never left home! Even when they come to board, we put the carrier and bedding in with the cat if it is possible – a little home comfort goes a long way for a fussy cat.
Occasionally the Feline Fabulous Groomer needs a cat to be sedated for the cat’s comfort and both the cat’s and groomer’s safety. Since Dr Kim recognised that a lot of feline reactivity during grooming was due to the pain of arthritis, she sedates many fewer, and uses sophistiCATed pain relief for many more cats.Up to 30% of cats have arthritis (often in the spine and hips) by the age of three years old! Using pain relief for those cats has resulted in needing to sedate many fewer felines for their grooming. Matted hair is one of the key indiCATors of arthritis, actually. There are some cats who need to be sedated because of previous poor experiences either at the vet’s or groomer’s. These cats often learn not to be so ferocious in the calm, quiet and smell-free environment of Dr Kim’s clinic and the Feline Fabulous Groom Room. Sedation is individual, and based on the cat especially its age, temperament and coat condition – some of those knots are TIGHT and PAINFUL to clip out). Once into a regular maintenance regime, however, again, many formerly ferocious felines become quite resigned to (if not quite cheerful about) their grooming events. Lots of cats particularly the ragdolls, really seem to enjoy being groomed and oxywashed though! They figure it is great to have someone else do all the work usually left to their little tongue!
When you bring your furr-avurr-ite feline friend to Dr Kim Kendall Cat Vet, whether for boarding, grooming or general vet work, she always performs a thorough assessment. Based on her recommendations and your preferences, we can then discuss your cat’s needs with you to make sure the most appropriate services are selected. We are particularly concerned that your cat is flea-free, as fleas cause many diseases and discomforts for your cat, ranging from allergies and hair loss to blood parasite and bacterial infections. And you don’t want your house to become a flea feast-ival either