Dr Kim spent a month (and used several cups of her own cat’s pee on pee pads) to test the claims of odour removal from about 15 products, plus many of the suggestions found online. Nothing really gets rid of the urobillinogen (yellow colouring of urine) once it has really set, so quicker action is better re stains.  The other interesting thing uncovered – several products worked well on the first day or two but the smell returned by day 4 – 6. Probably due to the re-formation of ammonia salts.

The CLEAR WINNER – For ease of appliCATion plus removing both dried pee and fresh pee smells, both when when wet and after drying the test material – was (drum roll)
Hydrogen Peroxide 3%! It did not seem to bleach wool nor acrylic carpets (also tested).  Does need to be used in the approximate same volume as the urine (often 50 – 60 mls per bladder emptying event so be generous!). Leave for 10 – 15 minutes, It will disperse, so the next step is to be careful not to spread it too far:  Use a wet-dry vacc to suck back all the liquid, or clean dry towels and gently press to absorb liquid back.  Dr Kim also recommends leaving a dry towel with a book on top of it for a few hours as well, to allow capillary action to draw more out. Can also be used on wood (VERY nasty smelling as the urine gets bubbled out of the crevices) without bleaching,  Solid, non-porous surfaces are fairly easy to clean anyway, a mild detergent to get up the stickiness, then hydrogen peroxide over the top, and wipe up then rinse area again with water then wipe (recommend not using mop – if the pee smell gets into the mop it will spread to other places!). No need for baking soda nor detergent additions. H2O2 does the work.

Other solutions –
Biozet powder (only) 1 tablespoon in 1 litre water, soak 2 hours, sop up and apply 100% metholated spirits (leave on) 
– this is our original tried-and-true method. Must use a significant amount of Biozet liquid and use either a wet-dry vacc or towel sopping up before using the meths.  Definitely need to check for colour fastness.  The Biozet method on its own did work but only 4 – 6 days later, if meths not used.
Young Living R  “Thieves” – diluted 0.01% in water AFTER Biozet treatment (leave Thieves on) – patented product, effect might be due to the cloves, but does leave a nice smell as well as eliminating the pee smell.
RugDoctor R 5% – designed to go in wet-dry vacc but does need the area pretreated with Biozet powder-in-liquid pretreatment as above and then wet-vacc’d dry afterwards.
EndurocideR after Biozet powder-in-liquid pretreatment as above – leave in place.
Urine Off after 
Biozet powder-in-liquid pretreatment as above – better if mopped out with towel as above.

DiSan and Oxygen R – need the same amount as the postulated pee volume, does work without mopping up nor Biozet, very useful for small patches.
Peerless R 
as above – need the same amount as the postulated pee volume, does work without mopping up nor Biozet, very useful for small patches.

Yes, Dr Kim trialled many other products, but if they aren’t mentioned here then they failed to impress.
Many thanks to Fiona and Ariel for sniff testing the pee-pads. Real devotion to duty and science.