April Public Holidays Opening Hours


Difficult times, but Dr Kim and the staff are being as available as they can. We are still classed as an essential service (of course ANYTHING that benefits cats is an essential service!) The easiest thing is to PHONE 9417 3329 or 0400 756 331 – leave a message if the premises are unattended and one of us will phone you back, but it might be a few hours, especially on Tuesdays to Thursdays.  Or book online at or EMAIL  


Mondays and Fridays 10 […]
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Cats and Babies, Kittens and Kids

Do cats damage babies

To dispel one myth – cats do not suffocate babies (no baby has ever been found with cat hair in its windpipe) and they certainly don’t suck out the oxygen from a baby’s breath. They will sleep close to babies especially if the crib is high up and warm. But they won’t smother the baby.

Sometimes, cats will scratch babies and small children who don’t respect the messages the cats will give before striking out (often with retracted claws but sometimes not). Persistent toddlers will also get scratched – if your toddler keeps cornering […]

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Scratching Furniture 2

Is your cat digging their claws into your furniture or the carpet? Cats WILL hook their nails into something, because they need to shed nails, and leave their ‘message oils’ on the surface to remind themselves (and advise others) of their state of mind. However, if the something is precious, then there are a few tricks to divert your feline friend onto a more suitable surface. First you have to find a solid item, of the preferred material that you are happy to have shredded by your cat (what we call ‘damage’, cats call ‘art and […]
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Feline Cystitis (FLUTD) – Mental or Medical?

Cats have been confusing veterinary clinicians with their bladder issues since at least the 1860’s. The mere fact that no one can agree on a title for the feline syndrome of increased frequency of urination – often away from the normal place (the litter tray) – with visible or congealed blood, that resolves within a few days, and upon which no medications seem to have an influence, would indicate multi-modal cause. Dr Kim calls it a Kitty Migraine. 

What Causes FLUTD?

Cats given a stable, enriched environment have almost no episodes of FLUTD / FIC (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (or Disorder) / […]
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Vaccination – is it just a jab? When is vaccination optional?


Vaccination – is it just a jab? When is vaccination optional?

There is now a plethora of information regarding the necessity or not of vaccinating any one – cat, child, dog, horse. Few farmers will miss vaccinating their cattle, sheep or pigs because they see the deaths of animals from the diseases they can vaccinate for. Anyone who visits a developing country and even has a […]
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Renting with Pets

Renting with Pets

Renting with Pets: One of the biggest barriers to pet-owning is the misconception landlords have, that pet owning means property destruction and neighbour complaints. There are a growing number of websites to help pet owners rent and retain their furry friends – let’s encourage the trend! It will take a bit of bucking to get to the european standard where a pet is just part of the family as far as landlords are concerned! First – do […]
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