Play Play

Playing is a very important part of physical and mental development of all animals and whole books and serious study are devoted to the topic. So what is play? There is nothing cuter than watching kittens play, but why do they do it? It looks like a waste of energy! Is it only kittens that play and is there an age when play stops and […]

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Pee mail and Cat isnt using litter tray

Unwelcome as it seems to us, cats use their urine to send messages – to themselves, other cats, and us. Except we are not always very good at ‘reading’ the message and are more likely to get cross with the cat when we find the pee-mail message left on the bench or beside the door.

Cats who ‘internalise’ their emotions often end up with cystitis […]
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Kitty Blackmail

Cats find humans very trainable. They have perfect timing, persistence and consistency. We certainly need to take a leaf out of their book and look at the successful strategies our feline friends adopt to get exactly what they want from us! Forewarned is forearmed – many cats are making their owners miserable by their tyranny. At the Cat Clinic, we rather admire the feline ingenuity, but […]

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Kidneys are a cats week point.

Where humans have heart attacks and get pneumonia, cats get kidney failure. 50 percent of old cats die of kidney failure, and the other half die of cancer or heart problems (and a few other rare things).

The good news is that over the last few years there has been considerable research and progress in the area of feline renal failure (cat kidney problems). Lo and […]
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Is Middle age cat catching up with your feline friend

More cats are living longer because their owners are more attentive to their basic health and behaviour requirements.

Dr Kim is regularly helping owners to manage their venerable feline friends age gracefully into their ‘teen’ years. A cat who has lived 13 calendar years is metabolically the same as a 70 year old person! By 19, a cat equates to a human over […]
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Cats really prefer things to stay the same, and they are usually very unsubtle about indicating their displeasure. Introducing a new anything–from another pet, to another human to even new furniture–is a source of anxiety for the cat and the owner, so these are some strategies to help reduce the disruptions.

Introducing yourself–the easiest one. This is achieved when your cat selects you, and you can be […]
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