Silken Kitty Bliss Wiper

Silken Kitty Bliss Wiper


Introducing the Silken Kitty Bliss Wiper – a pure silk square you can use to massage your cat daily as an easy and effective method to reduce the coat contaminants. It even helps reduce hayfever symptoms as cats, when licking their coat, end up with dust in their eyes and ears. A bit of Kitty Bliss wiping time may save much discomfort for your cat and be pleasant for you both!.

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Experience pure purr-fection with the Silky Kitty Bliss Wiper – because every cat deserves a touch of luxury in their grooming routine!

For many years now, Dr Kim has recommended treating tonsilitis and other oral problems in cats by washing them, on the basis that what goes ON a cat, gets licked off and so goes IN a cat. The problem has worsened over time as fires and other weather events pollute the environment more.

But nothing will eliminate the diesel / dust combinations that irritate your cat’s mouth and throat when they lick themselves. Washing, and using the Easy Dry Shampoo in the Happy Cat Pack definitely reduce the amount of grime your cat has to lick off daily, and will actually soothe their throat, but are not recommended for daily use. Brushing alone won’t help, although warm, damp microfibre cloths can be helpful.

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