Dr Google is OUT – talk to experienced vet nurses and Virtual Vets at Medechat
How it Works: Check out www.medechat.com.au or phone (03) 8644 6104 for immediate help, or even just peace-of-mind. Mention you are coming via the Cat Palace and the Nurse Triage consultation is FREE, the Palace will be sent an update and our staff will follow up with you.The Virtual Vet is via Zoom or FaceBook so the vet can see your cat and discuss whether you can manage the problem at home or need to go to the emergency clinic.

Of course, you can always email or phone us at The Cat Palace and leave a message that we will answer as soon as possible – during office hours or morning and afternoon even when the clinic is closed.
PHONE: 02 9417 3329 EMAIL: info@thecatpalace.com.au


Broken, bleeding, straining or breathing difficulties – straight to the emergency clinic at Artarmon – First phone02 9436 1213 for covid-related instructions but go immediately.

Phone Medechat on 1-800-838-247 and talk to a Triage Nurse for FREE who will direct you to the next course of action including the Virtual Vet.

For less urgent enquiries you can still phone the Triage nurse 1-800-838-247 or make an appointment to see Dr Kim at www.thecatpalace.com.au or leave a message for the Palace directly via email info@thecatpalace.com.au or leave a message on 02 9417 3329

Need Veterinary Advice NOW:

  1. Phone 02 9417 3329 and talk to the Palace in office hours or follow prompts for further assistance.
  2. If you have an emergency – phone Emergency clinic on 02 9436 1213 for on site emergency service.
  3. If you want to take your cat to a local vet, just leave a message or email us and we will follow up with you and the vet your cat went to previously.