Medibank For Cats…

Pet insurance is one of those things that often gets overlooked or avoided, but the fact is that it can be a lifesaver – both literally and financially!

Because the same amount of science and research that has gone into assisting humans has also been applied to help animals, some complex or repeat procedures/medical care for the feline family member can be a costly exercise. One family discovered they had insured their cat just in time so despite a CATastrophe caused by a car accident they didn’t have to worry about the $3000 on their credit card! And they got their friend back in one piece.

While legislation prevents us from recommending any particular insurance company’s product, we can say the Cat Clinic recommends you insure your cat for at least the first two years of its life if it goes outside (and even if it doesn’t – accidents do happen in the home!). After that, the next important time to insure is once your cat reaches eight years old, as this is when medical problems such as kidney problems, diabetes and cancer begin to consume time and finances. You can look at insurance in two ways. One is kind of a ‘prepayment plan’ where the company keeps your money till you need it. The other is the traditional view that insurance just means you pay a fee against potential risk. Insurance premiums vary from $17 – $40 per month, and the cover varies with the company. The current providers of insurance are listed below.

To save you the mind-numbing exercise of reading ALL the policies (PDS) – there are only two – The Petsure / Hollard group, and the Allianz Group.  Pick a pds (current) from one to the companies below, have a peruse, then take your pick of the providers based on premiums.  There appears to be little difference between the companies themselves.

CURRENT PROVIDERS OF INSURANCE – To see all the options underwritten by the same company, check out

Petsure / Hollard

AFS-PetMed: AFS Pet IMed nsurance – 1300 732 172

Woolworths  Woolworths Pet Insurance    1 300 101 234

RPSCA Pet Insurance: – 1300 855 150

Vets Own / Prosure  VetsOwn/Prosure – 1800 424 917

The Alternate Provider is Allianz Allianz Pet Insurance

And the two providers they underwrite are

PetPlan PetPlan Pet Insurance – 1300­ 738­ 225

Guide Dogs Guide Dogs Pet Insurance –  1300 131 636

Some Home and Contents Insurance (currently NRMA and GIO) provide $500 for trauma-based injury