Why You Should Insure Your Cat…

Yes, you can insure your pet! In fact, in the UK, more than 25% of pets are insured and it means that they can afford to have the BEST treatment possible, rather than have to compromise.

You can too! As pet medicine advances parallel human human ones, it is becoming increasingly more intensive and technically complex. No longer just ‘penicillin and plaster of paris’ – anything they can do for you, they can do for your cat! There are several insurance options. They are all variations on a theme as they are all backed by the same umbrella company (Hollard T/as Petsure), except for PetPlan and Guide dogs which are backed by Allianz.See this table (page 21) Pet Insurance in Vet Practice

The policies cost between $250 pa and $456 pa. The some have annual rebates on routine health care, and cover up to $8,100 per problem per year, or 80% of the vet bill.

You can also find out whether your own household insurance has some over for your pets. GIO + NRMA have some pet cover, as well as newer insurers like Woolies and Real Insurance are trying to cover the whole insurance spectrum..

We certainly recommend insuring outdoor cats (cats who survive car accidents are expensive to repair) and those over 8 years old. It is certainly worth a thought!

Pet insurance costs and the conditions of policies changes all the time, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. For an up to date summary of insurers and the products they sell, take a look at this Pet Insurance Comparison

In addition, some insurance companies have quietly increased premiums in the past year. See if you may be affected