A Feline Fat Farm? Well, yes.…
Cats are, by reputation and assumption, lean, mean killing machines, supreme athletes and devastatingly independent. The thing is, though, decades of easy living means more and more of our felines – especially those without access to the outdoors – are, let’s be kind, getting a little portly.

But all is not lost. In fact, the smart thinkers of the cat world, including our own Dr Kim Kendall, think that a little meat on the bones is no bad thing. There is, though, a limit to what’s healthy for your cat in terms of extra pressure on joints and major organs if it’s carrying too much extra timber.

The ideal weight of a cat is dependent on it’s breed, age, sex and general size. If you have a cat big enough to put a saddle on and ride on the beach, then it will probably stand being a little heavier that a tiny thing who manages to look like a kitten her entire life. But either way, if your cat is definitely on the beefy side of things, there is a solution in the form of our Feline Fat Farm.
Our Feline Fat Farm is a residential program which is under the expert supervision of Dr Kim, one of the world’s foremost experts in cats and cat behaviour.

After an initial health check and weigh-in where Dr Kim makes an assessment of your cat’s Body Conditioning Score, a 10 Day residency begins in our custom designed boarding boudoir, during which time we will help them to adapt to a new regime and special metabolic diet which will help them burn the extra fat (almost) effortlessly.

At the end of the 10 days, a much slimmer, happier and likely longer-living cat will be returned to you. We’ll provide a Health Report and your slim and sexy feline will be fully groomed and beautiful, ready to go home. We’ll even include a bag of their new metabolic diet products to keep you on the right track.
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There’s no easy way to know for certain what the ideal weight for any cat should be, so how can you know if you need help from our Feline Fat Farm?

Each breed brings different body sizes and shapes, and there can be significant differences even within the same breed. Some long hair breeds do well at literally hiding weight gain under a big furry mountain, whilst other breeds may gain weight so slowly that we don’t notice until one day we pick them up and it occurs to us that they might be a little heavy!

It might shock you, though, to know that approximately 58% of domestic cats are considered overweight. This rises still further when we talk just about indoor cats.

If you have a standard domestic moggie, an ideal weight can be anywhere between 4kg and 6kg, depending on the body size and shape. If you have a large breed such as a Maine Coon, this range expands from 5kg up to 10kg, so you can see how what might be a minor weight gain for some cats would be considerable in others.

Just like in humans, weight issues in cats can cause many complications such as  joint pain and diabetes. Some breeds are already susceptible to some of these conditions, and we need to look to avoid adding to the risk. We don’t want to be killing our feline friends with kindness.

Healthy cats means happy cats, and happy cats means happy owners!

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