Kedi – A movie which shows the remarkable between the stray cats of Istanbul and the city’s residents had it’s Australia launch at Carriageworks recently, as part of the Video Junkee Festival 2017..

The critically-acclaimed movie has been acquired by video giants YouTube for showing on their YouTube Red channel and, to celebrate the launch, Junkee opened a cat café specially for the occasion. Of course, you can’t have a cat café without cats, and the Cat Palace residents were asked to take centre stage in the launch of Kedi.

The Cat Palace cats are all owned by, and registered to, Dr Kim, and live very happily together at the Cat Palace on a permanent basis, with all the fuss and attention you’d expect feline family members to get!

Enoch, Tai, Pumpkin, Chilli, Maggie, Fifi, Sasha and Boyo were joined by Bao Bao, a good friend from a long-term client of the Cat Palace, and all wowed the café visitors from young to old.

The movie was wonderfully received, and we cannot recommend highly enough that you watch it as soon as you can. Kedi tells the tale of the stray cats of Istanbul that have been accepted as part of daily life by the human residents. It shows the relationships that have developed not just between the cats themselves in a very busy and bustling city, but also with the people who treat them like friends and even family as they go about their daily business.

The movie also shows how the cats have to adapt to an increasingly fast-paced world, how they need to constantly modify their own behaviour in order to simply survive.Neither wild nor tame, but somewhere in between, and numbering in the hundreds of thousands, the stray cats of Istanbul are here to stay. Rather than fight them, the city has embraced them as their own.

Kedi is no “Babe” for cat lovers, but it still leaves a feeling of overwhelming admiration for the way these remarkable animals have accepted their surroundings and how they interact with the creatures (us!) they have to share the space with.

Images from the launch are below. Click any to see the full size image