All the details for our boarding services are below. You can book online with our BOOKING FORM


All charges are per night with no restrictions on drop off times or pick up times, other than you need to do so within our normal opening hours.

Each cabana has an extra $25 charge for each Public Holiday included in your overall booking period. This includes pick up or drop off on those days. Opening hours are also restricted with pick up and drop off only available between 12pm – 4pm.

Although we take bookings which include Good Friday and Christmas Day, we are not open for pick up or drop off on those days. Any booking over the Christmas and Easter periods must also be paid in full at the time of booking.


The Cat Palace (taller, bigger, with a View)

$115 per night for 1 – 3 cats

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The Big Room

$115 per night for 1 – 3 cats. 4th cat is $15 extra, per night You are welcome to bring your own scratching posts, beds etc. for use in The Big Room

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 Standard Double With View

$77.50 per night for 1 cat $90 per night for 2 cats

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Single With View

$57 per night for 1 cat

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Standard Double No View

$57 per night for 1 cat $72.50 per night for 2 cats

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Single (Standard) No View

$39.50 per night for 1 cat

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Single (Isolation) No View

$55 per night for 1 cat Note: Isolation cabanas are reserved for those cats with a genuine need to be isolated from other cats

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For older cats, or those on daily medications including diabetics are all welcome at no extra charge. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time for new bookings, and all requirements must be discussed with us at the time of booking.

If prescription or other special food, or the administration of any prescribed medication is required, you must provide sufficient quantity for the duration of the booking. Failure to do so will result in charges being applied for any food or medication supplied by The Cat Palace as a result.

We will also do our best, within reason, to cater for non-specified regimes or other requirements. These must be agreed at the time of booking.

All cats must be vaccinated. Vaccination is available on entry, if required, (includes veterinarian health check (if desired). Senior Health or other Check Ups can also be done.

All cats (if the cat chooses) get regular physical and vocal contact with our staff. Whilst they are with us, we consider them family!

All cats must be flea-free on arrival or they will be treated and washed at extra cost. Ask us how to ensure your cat is flea-free before you come if you are concerned.

If your cat is over 8 years old, Dr Kim can perform a Senior Health Check whilst he/she is staying with us. This involves blood pressure and urine checks, as well as a full Vet check-up. The price for this is $135, a discount of 30% over the cost for non-residents.


If you would like your cat to be groomed whilst they are with us, this must be arranged in advance of arrival, as appointment numbers are limited. Bookings can be made for Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Peak times for grooming are April and October. Please bear this in mind and book early to avoid disappointment.

Prices vary, based on the length of time it takes to complete grooming. On average, a Lion or Lamb clip, plus wash is approx. $180 – $240. An Oxywash (deep cleanse) can also be done for $25 extra.

Nail clipping is included free with all grooming appointments.