Why does my cat vomit

Why does my Cat vomit fur or food? One of the common causes is Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).Diet and Nutrition are of increasing interest to cat owners (it has always totally fascinated cats!), and as we all move further from a “natural state”, new problems appear. The following is a small segment on a huge topic.

There is no getting away from the fact that […]
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What does a sick cat look like

Felis catus is in an interesting niche. Highly evolved as hypercarnivores and hunters of small prey, the original cat lived alone – you only share your mouse with your kitten after all.

However, they are also small enough to be prey themselves, so there is every chance that a cat slowed by sickness is going to be consumed by something further up the […]
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Washing works both ways for allergies

The good part of feline ownership revolves around the benefits that we get from living alongside them. They give us the warmth we need – mentally and physically!

There is always a downside to any relationship however, and living with a feline has a few. However, as living with people also has some challenges, it all needs to be kept in puurrrspective!Allergies and asthma from cat dander […]
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Training Tip

Dr Kim says you CAN train a cat to do what it wants, when you want it to There are a couple of things you might want to discourage your cat from doing. If you use a bit of ‘cat psychology’, you might even find you get things YOUR way a bit more often! Here are a couple strategies that might save your roast.

How do […]
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Play Play

Playing is a very important part of physical and mental development of all animals and whole books and serious study are devoted to the topic. So what is play? There is nothing cuter than watching kittens play, but why do they do it? It looks like a waste of energy! Is it only kittens that play and is there an age when play stops and all […]

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Pee mail and Cat isnt using litter tray

Unwelcome as it seems to us, cats use their urine to send messages – to themselves, other cats, and us. Except we are not always very good at ‘reading’ the message and are more likely to get cross with the cat when we find the pee-mail message left on the bench or beside the door.

Cats who ‘internalise’ their emotions often end up with cystitis – […]
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